Cosmetic Services

Cosmetic Upgrades

There's a huge selection of vehicles on the market these days with great paint jobs, quality interior designs and brilliant features. We understand there is a drive in all of us to make a vehicle our own, making it stand out with one of a kind modifications stylised and personalised by YOU.

At Superior Bodyworks we understand the level of concern about the prices these modifications can exceed when taking your vehicle to that next level.

We guarantee that our quotes will always remain fair and reasonable, ensuring it won't break the bank & no adjustments on price will be made until discussed and approved by you.

  • Full Vehicle Wraps

  • Selected Panel Blackouts

  • Paint Protection Wraps

  • Tint Wraps

If you are interested in upgrading your vehicle, give us a call or head down to see us today!


Hydrographics, often referred to as water transfer immersion printing or hydro dipping, is a process that enables you to transfer high definition colour prints to any 3 - dimensional product. 

It can be used on a wide variety of different materials & shapes. The style of designs are endless including varieties of marbles, leathers, textures providing you with thousand of options.