Smash Repair Services

Smash/Hail Damage Repairs

Superior Bodyworks understand the importance of getting you back on the road as promptly as possible after an unexpected accident. We believe there is no limit to the size or amount of damage done to your vehicle. 


Whether it is a light or heavy structural repair, our qualified team use OEM repair procedures in order to repair vehicles back to Australian manufacturing standards.


We strive to perform at a high quality standard, building trustworthy relationships with our customers ensuring the repairs are completed using high quality safe products and the car is returned in an immaculate condition. 

We are also able to provide you with assistance and guidance through the claim process/procedure if you decide to go down the insurance path, to help make it as stress free and easy going as possible.

General/Fleet Insurance Repairs

Insurance Claim Procedure

  • Firstly you will need to get in touch with your insurance company and lodge a claim with them. After the claim has been lodged the insurance company will send through a request for quote requesting for us to prepare a quote for your repairs. We will then get in touch with you within 24 hours to organise an appropriate time to take some images of the damages listed in your claim. 

  • Once we have taken the images we need of the vehicle a quote will be prepared within 2-3 days and sent off to your insurance company.

  • The insurance will then take an additional 2-3 days to assess and authorise the repairs on your vehicle. Without this authorisation we can not commence those repairs on your vehicle. 

  • As soon as we have received authorisation we will contact you and book you in at a time that's most convenient and that's best suited to you.

  • Always remember when making a claim for your vehicle YOU have the choice on which repairer you would like to use.

For more information on Choice of Repairer regarding your own insurance policy CLICK HERE

Private Repairs

At Superior Bodyworks we understand that you are working to a strict budget and that you have short timelines. We believe honesty is key when we are quoting and want you to feel comfortable and confident in our pricing when it comes to your repairs or modifications. There is no limit to the size or extent of a vehicles repairs for completion. We are committed to restoring your vehicles to an even better condition than their factory setting. We can guarantee a cost effective competitive price range and lifetime warranty when it comes to small repairs right through to full repaints or restorations.
To ensure a smooth running prompt service we will consult and update you consistently in regards to the state and progression of your vehicles repairs. We are more then happy if you are in the area to stop by for a chat and see the progression and status of your vehicle. For larger more extensive jobs we want you to be able to experiment with new concepts and ideas and follow along step by step experiencing those ideas coming to life. 
The team at Superior Bodyworks are very passionate about the relationships they create with their customers and strive on the success of a job well done. We believe the customer should be positive and happy throughout the entire experience and that their expectations should always be exceeded.